About Us

In the middle of Japan, there is a city called Seki. The city is famous for making Samurai swords. Although the sword makers have gone, their descendants apply the skills and expertise learned through the centuries to make world class products famous for their cutting edges. SekiEdge products combine centuries-old craftsmanship and modern technology to create the world’s finest stainless steel beauty and grooming tools.

Ando Trading is a U.K. based trading company that specialises in the import and export of British and Japanese products. With over 30 years’ experience of Japan and U.K. related business, we have managed to deliver exceptional performance for our clients to ensure their company is marketed and represented as it would be in its home country. Our focus on customer relationship management has enabled us to exceed our suppliers’ expectations and increase their overseas sales. We are pleased to represent SekiEdge in the U.K.

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