Amazing Tweezer Slant Tip SS-518

NEW! The revolutionary Seki Spring technology transfers your strength from your hands to your tweezer with a gentle squeeze. Seki Edge

Stainless Steel Nail Clipper SS-112

Fingernail clipper, built for cutting medium nails or toe nails Sharp cutting edges leave smooth clean cuts Proprietary grinding and

Stainless Steel Nostril Scissors SS-908

The last thing you want to worry about is injuring the inside of your nose when trimming nose hairs. This

Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper SS-107

This is the best selling toenail clipper! Stainless steel nail clipper with cast iron lever. The cutting edge is hand-grinded

Toenail & Acrylic Nail Scissors SS-201

Cutting Edge Acrylic Nail Trimmer; These Acrylic Nail Clippers Are Personal Grooming Tools That Make Your Manicure Kit Complete; Has

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Seki Edge is part of the Green Bell group of companies headquartered in Osaka Japan. Green Bell a leading manufacturer of highly refined and ergonomically designed personal care grooming products and Seki Edge is their most famous brand. The company produces high quality nail clippers, tweezers, scissors and grooming kits that provide customers with an “edge” over the competition. These products are made with modern technology and utilise traditional Japanese craftmanship in Seki, which is a town famous for its Samurai swords.